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KURA Food Purifier

KURA Food Purifier

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Regular price $44.99 Sale price $99.99
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🍏 Safer & Fresher Foods

🕒 Purified in 10 Minutes

🌟 See the Dirt Wash Away!

KURA Food Purifier

Regular price $44.99
Regular price $44.99 Sale price $99.99
SAVE 55% Sold out
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Key Features

OH-Ion Technology: Utilizes advanced OH-Ion purification to eliminate pesticides, bacteria, and dirt effectively.

Quick Clean Cycle: Completes its purifying process in just 10 minutes, offering rapid results without waiting.

Portable Design: Compact and easy to carry, perfect for use at home or on the go.

No Filters Needed: Operates without the need for replaceable filters, reducing ongoing costs and maintenance.

Multi-Use Capability: Suitable for fruits, vegetables, and meats, enhancing its utility in any kitchen.

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Your Produce is Crawling With Parasites Your Eyes Can't See

Every year, up to 30% of food crops are destroyed by parasites and pathogens. What makes it to your table isn't always guaranteed safe.

At KURA, we're dedicated to changing that. Our pioneering cleansing technology ensures the fruits and vegetables you serve to your family are not just safe, but also meet the highest standards of purity.

Do More Than Rinse

KURA's advanced purification technology deep cleans your produce, ensuring every fruit and vegetable you bring home meets the highest safety standards.

Enjoy the confidence of serving your family truly safe, fresh food. With KURA, peace of mind is just a rinse away.

Stop Eating Bugs & Pesticides

KURA harnesses the natural power of OH-Ions to eliminate contaminants at the molecular level, effectively wiping away bacteria, parasites, and pollutants.

This advanced technology ensures that your produce is not just clean, but truly pure. Enjoy ultimate peace of mind with every bite.

Trusted by 1000+ Customers!

I was skeptical of KURA... but my bowl was covered in dirt after using it! Recommend!


My kids eat tons of fruit and I was worried about pesticides. I can't believe how much KURA washed off, the bowl was full of dirt!


I pick a lot of berries so I'm worried about bugs and pesticides. KURA has visibly cleaned the grime away and my fruit tastes better too!


My family loves grapes and I don't trust the store's cleaning. KURA has really helped keep my family safe and healthy.


I wasn't sure KURA would work. Now I use it on everything, there's so much dirt you can't see until its at the bottom of a bowl.


I saw KURA at a cooking class I took. I couldn't believe how much crud it washed off! I use it religiously now.


My girls love berrypicking so I got this just in case. I'm glad I did, we get a kick out of seeing how much stuff gets washed off.


The KURA Purity Promise

KURA is your silent worker, trusted by thousands, it goes beyond just purifying food and helps you keep your family safe.

Hurry and get yours today, don't spend another day eating dangerous contaminants.

Our Customers Report:


of users noticed fruits and vegetables tasted fresher!


of customers observed visibly less dirt and residue.


said they had "peace of mind" after using KURA.

Frequently Asked

Do I need Filters for KURA?

No, KURA works effectively without the need for any additional cleaning agents or replaceable filters, ensuring a hassle-free purification process.

How do I clean my KURA Purifier?

Simply pull the top half of the device without rotating it. Clean with warm water or hydrogen peroxide for best results.

Does KURA remove bugs & wax on food?

Yes, it effectively removes bugs that live on your fruits and vegetables as well as waxy substances on items like apples.

Should I add vinegar or salt to the water?

We do not recommend adding vinegar or any other substances as they may impair the effectiveness and longevity of the purifier.